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Dragon Age incontra Stargate?

Tranquilli, non ci sono DLC ufficiali o accordi per una cosa simili ma solo la passione di un giocatore straniero che ha aperto un suo progetto intitolato Wells of the Maker.
Di seguito la descrizione ufficiale rilasciata dal ideatore Kemor.

Synopsis (very early draft, will change post release of DA:O):
When the latest Blight arrived, the city and its inhabitants were not prepared. Pushed by the Darkspawns into an underground refuge, a large group of survivors from all origins is trying to wait it out, praying the Maker for help. Refusing defeat, some of them find strange writings and a secret passage leading to what seems to be an age old doorway: one of the Wells of the Maker as painted in the ancient texts of the Chantry…

As the Darkspawn finally break through the defenses and the battle rages everywhere, the Well comes to life and soon the refugees have no choice but to enter what seems to be a portal away from the Blight.

Now safe, the survivors are however in a foreign environment, apparently completely cut off from the surface. While the Well of the Maker remains mute, they are forced to explore and try to survive, facing racial and religious tensions, famine and power-struggles. But what sleeps in the depth of what they now call their home may prove to be a threat even bigger than the Blight itself…

Design concept:
Season based project, with episodic content. Each episode will focus around one particular issue that the character can solve within 3-5 hours as well as a season overall plot.

Attualmente non ci sono ancora date sul rilascio di questo interessanto MOD, sempre se mai riuscirà a finirlo 😛
Che ne pensate?

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